Psychodrama psychotherapy


A form of therapy that utilises active and creative methods of working with change, this can make personal exploration playful and enlightening, it can create the space for experimentation and curiosity about how things are and how things might be.




Dramatherapy is a creative therapeutic approach which can help to work with our internal dramas, thoughts, and self perception.  Offering opportunity to gain insight into the external dramas in our lives, relationships with others, personal, professional and intimate.


Through play and experimentation we can explore different ways of being and experiencing; a creative approach using story, play, movement, metaphor and character work. This form of therapy is often helpful for adults, children and young people who do not feel able to engage in talking therapies.


DDP - (Dydadic Developmental Psychotherapy)


This is an attachment-focused therapy which is an evidence based treatment for complex trauma and attachment issues, working with the child and the parents to develop a secure attachment base.

A session

During a session you will be encouraged to explore your feelings, experiences and memories, each person is different so each session will be unique. You will be asked what areas you wish to think about and what you would like to work on, this contract is then used to keep the work focused. The general aim of the therapy is to help you to feel more in control of a situation or of your feelings about a situation. Where possible sessions will generally be held at the same time and place each week and sessions last about 50 mins.