I offer a safe, confidential space for individuals from the age of 4 onwards, to come and explore and be playful around areas that are causing difficulties in your life. Sometimes this includes exploring why we have developed certain behaviours and exploring if they are still useful. If not, we can gently examine other ways of relating which may enhance personal effectiveness and increase a sense of well-being and achievement.




I run groups for individuals and teams. Group work is particularly helpful for individuals seeking feedback on how they relate to others, creating a safe place for people to explore their relational connections. Groups offer the possibility to reflect on our own process in relation to others. We can learn from other group members, feel empowered and challenged, and there is an opportunity to practice new skills and ways of relating which we can in turn carry out into the world of our own lives. I can work with teams or groups of people that have run into difficulty; maybe there is conflict, maybe there is stagnation. We can examine the systemic and individual issues that may be contributing to the difficulties. Using this approach I can support the growth of empathy, resilience and make conscious the underlying blocks that may no longer be helpful to the smooth running of this team.




I work with couples who are finding it difficult to connect, communicate and relate to each other in a positive way. Couples work can support a deeper understanding of the motivation and impact of different behaviours and ways of communicating. This is particularly important for couples who have experienced a breach of trust. The work offers the possibility of experimenting with different ways of communicating to help build a more positive way of relating.  This in turn allows for the development of a positive, cohesive and trusting understanding of each others’ perspective.